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  • Pippa Bhatt

Jordan Rossi directs Rika in quarantine

Rika’s new video, shot entirely during the COVID-19 quarantine, is a digital Alice in Wonderland taking audiences on a psychedelic journey through cyberspace. It’s also entirely made from iPhone footage.

Having pitched on the project before the UK went into lockdown & as things moved quickly, Rossi had to quickly consider how to turn the shoot into one under quarantine conditions. “I knew that heading into the lockdown there would still be a need for content but we’d have to adjust our approach. While a lot of videos have embraced the homemade DIY aesthetic I wanted to look the other way and really utilise the amazing technology at our fingertips. Just because we have to shoot remotely or on an iPhone doesn't mean that the visual output needs to be sacrificed. We can still create beautiful imagery to enhance narratives. It just needs to be approached with a slightly different mindset.

We love what Rossi has created with Rika. The artists were filmed on two different continents with the promo telling a story of cyber love.


Director: Jordan Rossi

Producer: Blair Smith

EP: Hannah Bellil & Alan Traquair

Production Company: The Graft

Commissioner: Ailsa Roberston


Editor: Gregory Hayes

Producer: Annabel Bennett


Flame Artist: Jack Stone

Colourist: George Kyriacou

Producer: Tamara Mennell


Designer: Tom Etherington

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