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  • Pippa Bhatt

Madam & Mo Salah are Relentless for Vodafone

Latest film and still production from Madam Films, Vodafone Egypt & WundermanThompson Cairo, the three-day shoot took place in multiple locations throughout London and consisted of location and studio days. The multiple set up with an A List brand ambassador was safely produced in the pandemic with a crew and cast of 100. Adhering to APA Shooting Guidelines, key crew on the ground included reduced client & agency personnel in tandem with remote viewing for the wider overseas team.

Shooting across some of London’s most diverse and iconic spaces and places including legendary club Printworks, West London’s Trellick Tower, Westway and Porchester Baths the production recreated the moon landscape, a newsreader studio and several action shots where brand ambassador, Mo Salah, takes centre stage across a variety of sets.

Client: Vodafone Egypt

Director: Virgil Ferragut

Agency: WundermanThompson Cairo

Production Company: Madam Films

Producer: Michelle Stapleton

Production Manager: Kelly Hewitt & Glyn Davidson

UK Executive Producers: Carly Stone/Michelle Stapleton/Pippa Bhatt

COVID Supervisor:

DP: David Wright

1st AD: Stevie Fylan

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